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榊さん (Sakaki-san)

One of the main characters of Azumanga_Daiou. She is a tall, busty, and long-haired schoolgirl. Her peers are in awe of her due to her beauty, athleticism and cool demeanor, but at the same time they are terrified of her because she often shows up to class with her hand bandaged. This, combined with her serious demeanor, fuels rumors that she is a delinquent who frequently gets into brawls.

The truth is that Sakaki is actually a nice, gentle, and shy girl with a deep love of animals and cute things. Her bandages actually come from failed attempts to pet the rather sinister neighborhood cat Kamineko, and she envies the young Miyama_Chiyo because she is who she'd actually like to be: small and cute. Few people know of Sakaki's true nature. Chiyo is initially scared of Sakaki, but the two gradually come to understand each other as they interact.

Kaori_(Azumanga_Daiou) (Kaorin) is infatuated with Sakaki though Sakaki does not seem to realize this and Kaorin never makes much progress in romancing Sakaki.

She is voiced by Asakawa_Yuu.

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