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Tag type: General

The exclamation point is used to depict comical shock or surprise.

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! 3girls :3 :o animal_ears bangs black_bra black_panties black_skirt blush boots bow bra cat_ears cat_tail closed_mouth collarbone female fishnet_legwear flat_chest from_below hair_bow hair_ribbon heart heart_hair_ornament henreader holding kyou_kara_ore_wa_loli_no_himo! latex latex_panties long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_down midriff multiple_girls navel open_mouth panties ribbon shoes skirt tail text translation_request twintails underwear upskirt whip! 1girl 3girls :3 :d ;) animal_ears arm_support bangs black_hair bow bra cat_ears hair_bow hair_ribbon henreader kneehighs kyou_kara_ore_wa_loli_no_himo! lifted_by_self loli long_hair looking_at_viewer lying multiple_girls on_side open_mouth original ribbon see-through shirt shirt_lift shoes short_hair short_sleeves shorts sitting smile teeth text thighhighs translation_request twintails volleyball wet wet_clothes wet_shirt white_legwear! ... 1girl 2boys bar_censor black_dress blonde_hair blush censored clothed_female_nude_male covering_face dress dress_lift dutch_angle gosick hair_between_eyes hairband hands_on_face hands_on_own_face loli lolita_fashion lolita_hairband long_hair long_sleeves multiple_boys navel nemokuge nude penis pointless_censoring precum pussy reverse_suspended_congress solo_focus spread_legs standing sweat tears text tongue tongue_out translation_request victorica_de_blois! 1girl :d ? bangs bare_arms bare_shoulders blush bow bow_panties collarbone dress dress_lift eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair fang gluteal_fold gradient gradient_background hair_between_eyes hair_bobbles hair_ornament kannagi_tsukasa lifted_by_self loli looking_at_viewer navel open_mouth original panties panty_pull pee_stain pussy short_twintails skirt_hold sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile stained_panties standing stomach text translation_request twintails underwear white_panties ! ... 1girl :o ahoge bangs baton_(instrument) black_gloves bolo_tie breasts cleavage comic creature detached_collar detached_sleeves eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_visible_through_hair facial_mark floating flying_sweatdrops gloves head_wings headphones holding holding_weapon jewelry long_hair looking_at_another maron_(pet) motion_blur motion_lines muryou onomatopoeia open_mouth orange_eyes original parted_bangs pendant phantasy_star phantasy_star_online_2 pointy_ears purple_hair raised_eyebrows short_hair_with_long_locks simple_background sound_effects speech_bubble speed_lines spoken_ellipsis spoken_exclamation_mark standing summoner_(pso2) sweatdrop tact_(pso2) teardrop text translation_request twintails upper_body very_long_hair weapon weapon_request white_background wide_sleeves wing_collar  ! !! 2girls 4koma aki_(girls_und_panzer) bbb_(friskuser) comic commentary_request eyes_closed girls_und_panzer greyscale hair_between_eyes hand_on_another's_back hat highres long_hair long_sleeves low_twintails mika_(girls_und_panzer) monochrome multiple_girls narrowed_eyes neckerchief nishizumi_miho ooarai_school_uniform open_mouth pleated_skirt pushing school_uniform serafuku shaded_face sidelocks sigh skirt smile sparkle spoken_exclamation_mark stuffed_animal stuffed_toy surprised sweatdrop teddy_bear translation_request twintails

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