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Tag type: General

The exclamation point is used to depict comical shock or surprise.

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Last updated: 07/08/12 5:59 PM by jedi1357
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! 1girl anus ass bare_shoulders black_gloves black_legwear blue_eyes blue_hair blush breasts crying_with_eyes_open cum cum_in_pussy from_behind gloves heart kantai_collection kitsunerider long_hair looking_back monster nipples nose_blush open_mouth panties panty_pull pussy samidare_(kantai_collection) sex shiny shiny_skin small_breasts tears teeth tentacle_sex text thighhighs torn_gloves torn_legwear vaginal very_long_hair ! 2girls :/ ? ahoge blonde_hair blouse blush bow braid brown_hair collared_shirt detached_sleeves hair_bow hakurei_reimu highres kirisame_marisa large_bow long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_girls no_hat no_headwear ponytail raito47 red_eyes shirt single_braid smile touhou vest wavy_hair wavy_mouth yellow_eyes  ! ... 1boy 1girl armor bardock black black_hair couple dragon_ball eyes gine greyscale highres hug looking_away looking_back monochrome outstretched_arms panels scar speech_bubble sweatdrop tail tears tkgsize translation_request wristband  ! !! /\/\/\ 2boys 2girls :p ? absurdres artist_name bangs blue_eyes blue_hair blue_hat blunt_bangs blush bobblehat braid brother_and_sister clothes_around_waist comic commentary couple covering_eyes crazy_(zoza) domino_mask donut_(zoza) doughnut earrings eating embarrassed eyes_closed fangs feeding food fume goggles goggles_on_head green_hair green_hat hand_holding hat heart hetero highres holding holding_food interlocked_fingers jacket_around_waist jewelry kiss layered_clothing long_hair long_image lying mask multiple_boys multiple_girls namesake on_back one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_eyes orange_hair partially_colored peaked_cap pointy_ears ponytail print_shirt pudding pudding_(zoza) purple_hair rectangular_glasses sane_(zoza) scrunchie shirt short_hair short_over_long_sleeves shorts siblings signature silent_comic single_vertical_stripe smile soda_cup splatoon splatoon_2 spoken_exclamation_mark spoken_question_mark spoken_sweatdrop standing straddling surprised sweatdrop t-shirt tall_image tank_top tentacle_hair tongue tongue_out topknot trembling twin_braids zoza  ! 2girls all_fours black_ribbon blue_hat bob_cut comic commentary_request game_console hair_ribbon hat highres itatatata konpaku_youmu mob_cap multiple_girls pink_hair ribbon saigyouji_yuyuko sega sega_dreamcast short_hair smile touhou translation_request triangular_headpiece  ! 2girls apron attack blonde_hair bow braid brown_eyes brown_hair clenched_teeth comic commentary_request crossover d:< defeat detached_sleeves emphasis_lines eyebrows_visible_through_hair fennekin floating hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu hat hat_bow highres kirisame_marisa long_hair looking_at_another lying misdreavus multiple_girls noel_(noel-gunso) pokemon pokemon_(creature) shirt short_sleeves side_braid single_braid skirt skirt_set smoke speed_lines teeth touhou translation_request waist_apron wide-eyed witch_hat

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