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斑鳩, hiragana: いかるが

For the shoot-em-up game please use Ikagura.

Ikaruga is a character from Senran_Kagura.
A Third-year Shinobi at the Hanzou Academy. She is the oldest in the group.

Ikaruga has very long black_hair and blunt_bangs. She wears the regular school uniform for Hanzou Academy. When she transforms into a Shinobi, she wears a white, gold-trimmed jacket with six buttons. She wears an armband on her left arm for Hanzou Academy. She also has a white, gold-trimmed skirt and boots, with black pantyhose underneath.

When her uniform has been ripped off, she wears a black_bikini.

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Ikaruga Article on Kagurapedia:
Character Entry on MAL:

pixiv tags: 斑鳩(閃乱カグラ), 斑鳩


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