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Now Viewing: Danbooru links to pixiv screwed

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tanaab1234567890 Group: Member - Total Posts: 25
Danbooru links to pixiv screwed
Posted on: 03/31/17 08:46AM
Seems like they don't work properly anymore, they now link to the picture directly, which is really annoying.

jedi1357 Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 2912
Posted on: 03/31/17 11:32AM
tanaab1234567890 said:
Seems like they don't work properly anymore, they now link to the picture directly, which is really annoying.

That's how it was linked by Danbooru. Our bot just copies that link straight-off. That link didn't work on Danbooru either.

I have fixed the source on that post.

tanaab1234567890 Group: Member - Total Posts: 25
Posted on: 03/31/17 02:13PM
Sorry, kinda forgot for a (long) moment how that thing works.

Hurahara Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Posted on: 04/14/17 11:02AM
Lately the majority of danbooru's source-links are all direct-linking, which all 403. Very annoying.
No script for the bot that can convert them back to the id links?

No idea how it'd be done, but replacing "*/[pixiv-id].jpg/etc with "[pixiv-id]"

* being the date in the url.

Edit: Also cross-checked a few images on danbooru itself and they do link properly there. Whether that was edited after the crawl or the bot is f-ing up, idunno.

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4122
Posted on: 04/14/17 12:08PM
Neither. Danbooru serves out the direct image link from its API, however on post view pages it automatically converts it to a contextual link. The link you're clicking is not the same link as the link that the bot is given, even if you were to do it at the exact same time.

Rubredo Group: Member - Total Posts: 2
Posted on: 04/17/17 05:20AM
Still no solution?..
Well, link should be but "This script is no longer anonymously available on this site. Log in and check your Greasy Fork account settings." no idea what i should change in settings and where. lol.
Ofc, you'll need tampermonkey(chrome) or greasymonkey(firefox).

#666 Group: The Jetsons did 9/11 - Total Posts: 105
Posted on: 04/18/17 09:51PM
I'm wondering if this might actually be a problem on pixiv's end. I tried to go on today only to discover that images aren't appearing for me anywhere on the site at all. I noticed that they recently switched to https no more than a few days ago. Perhaps that may have something to do with this?

Laice Group: Member - Total Posts: 12
Posted on: 04/20/17 07:16AM
Images are working fine on pixiv. What might be happening is that Danbooru hasn't updated their API to recognize the new pixiv image URLs ( instead of and transform them to navigable ones when it returns them.

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